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Barcelona: A City of Inimitable Style

Bon Dia, Barcelona! Barcelona is an amazing city with an attitude. The people of Catalonia have a chip on their shoulder and for good reason, they have been taken advantage of throughout their history and they are sick of it. The people of Catalonia are different and they like it that way, it seems to me it just does not satisfy them to be the best at something, but they want to be the best in an original almost inimitable style. an early example of this is the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who at the time of his graduation it is said the Dean of his college stated “I am not certain if we have awarded this degree to a genius or a madman, only time will tell”, another, the Adria brothers of El Bulli fame, which not only holds the record for the most times ranked #1 on the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant’s List (5 times) but has been called the greatest culinary think tank and innovation center that’s ever existed and of course you cannot talk about Barcelona without talking about the GOAT, Messi, la pulga, who of course was not born in Catalonia but has famously said Catalonia made him who he is. The GOAT is able to run circles around others on the pitch and do things with the ball that make it look like he has it attached to his feet with a string, it truly must have been a beautiful sight to see him play at Camp Nou.

The sights in Barcelona are spectacular, five days is not enough to see everything but we saw what we really wanted too. The one must is the La Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic Church designed by Gaudi in the late 1800’s and still under construction! over 100 years later (all this time without the proper permits btw). The almost melting look of the outside of the church, that when finished will have 18 Spires representing the 12 apostles, the Virgin Mary, the 4 evangelists and Jesus Christ and 3 Facades, the Glory, the Nativity and the Passion, brought me back to my childhood and the look of the sandcastles I made with drizzling wet sand on the beaches of the Jersey shore, other people have compared it to candle wax melting, it really is an astonishing creation and just jaw dropping to lay eyes on when you come upon it. The inside was so unexpected, so modern and filled with light, colors and joy, it was such an interesting dichotomy to me; the outside made me want to stare at it all day long and see the beautiful artistic touches of the Passion façade while the inside made me feel so comfortable and I could realistically see myself enjoying mass there every day. Now as a person that is scared of heights ascending the towers in an elevator was fine, but descending the tunnel like steps was definitely a little claustrophobic as I held on to the walls and made sure to take each step one by one. La Sagrada Familia is already a masterpiece and I can’t wait to see it when it is finally completed. Another Gaudi creation we thoroughly enjoyed was the Park Guell, next time we are in town we will make sure to pick up enough food and wine to picnic there all day as it is a stunning location to just meander around looking at all the gorgeous mosaics and seeing Barcelona from some of the best views the city has to offer. A great thing about traveling with kids is that you visit things you never would without them, for this reason we ended up going to the Naval museum where we were able to see a totally reconstructed Spanish Armada ship and learn about the cool history of maritime activities in Barcelona. Other sites we enjoyed on the trip included the beach, Picasso museum, Mercado la boqueria (where I picked up some fresh Gallacian Crabs one night and cooked us up a homemade meal of crab spaghetti) plus some plazas, and many parks.

Oh the food, I miss the food, from the tapas bars to the sit down shared plates the Catalan Capital has so much to offer any palate that graces Barcelona with their presence. From our first stop for tapas at Cerveceria Catalana to our final meal at Fismuler our taste buds were exploding with joy from one meal to the next. From that first taste of sweaty salty Jamon Iberico to that last bite of decadent Real Cheese cake I was impressed beyond belief with not only the tastes but the simplicity and freshness of each bite I enjoyed. All of this delicious food and yet so inexpensive, I was staggered after our first sit down meal, I was expecting a price tag well into the 300 dollar mark and it was less than half of that, part of the reason for that is because in Spain, wine is cheaper than water, in fact one of the hardest things on the trip to do was staying hydrated because water is pretty expensive considering how cheap but delicious the wine is, I came to saying Spain, where the Wine flows like Water and the Water flows like well it really does not… Iberian ham, Grilled red prawns, Galician and razor clams, lobster rice, stuffed peppers, fried sardines, cockles, grilled sausages, paella, fideua, Spanish cheese and meats, Real olives stuffed with anchovies, wine from Porrons at Bar la Plata, I mean I can go on and on, oh fuckin my! Barcelona is a delicious destination. I must give one special shoutout to a very special restaurant, not only was the food terrific but the waiters were so family friendly, we would be at El Chigre 1769 for 3 hours and the servers would be playing with Cash, walking around him as he played on the ground and joking with him, it was so fun, such a welcoming jovial atmosphere. This restaurant is a Cidery that is able to accomplish the great feat of serving traditional Asturias (region where Jose Andres was born) and Catalonian food. We loved this restaurant so much we went twice, the Asturian specialties of Chorizo in cider and Fabada were on point and every fresh grilled fish we got was just so melt in your mouth perfection. Not to mention Cash got to bartend for the first time as the cider bottles we ordered came with their own special device to pour the cider and Cash loved being a bartender. This place is a must go if you find yourself in Barcelona.

The people of Barcelona were so welcoming to us all, except for the one night I was scolded singing Happy Birthday in Polish “Sto Lat” late at night at El Xampanyet to another patron, the staff exclaimed we have neighbors but even that night they kind of laughed it off, to Cash they were so wonderful you could truly feel the love of family and kids in each establishment we went to. It is a place that has everything you would want in a destination. It reminded me of my home city of Philadelphia in a lot of ways, a city of neighborhoods and community and while the people don’t always seem the most pleasant if you embrace their culture and respect them, they will accept you as their own and help show you how to have the best possible time in their city.

Barcelona 4.77 Sizzles

A Traveler Looks at 40

“So cling with purpose to that which makes you whole. As all vibrance is devoured by the binding void, lend hope to this mysterious Traveler, Their hand shall awaken Convergence, and the dawn of remembrance will rise eternal. “

I saw this quote randomly at Meow Wolf in Denver and it was sort of a revelation to me after the craziness of the last three years. Not only had COVID wreaked havoc on the entire world causing millions of deaths and nationwide lockdowns, but I had stared death in the face like I never had before. I was put on a machine that breathed for me and sliced open like an Iberian pig so they could replace my aorta that had it coming for almost 40 years. Fear of Death is a demon that has lingered for me since an early age, I have always fought it off with escapes, not always healthy ones, but these last few years have been harder to do that with the escapes available being limited, but when I saw this quote it made me realize that TRAVEL IS MY GREAT ESCAPE.

Travel is different for everyone, it means different things to different people, there are different types, styles and ways to travel and as you age, travel even changes for yourself. At 40 I am now officially in my 4th stage of travel. There was the first, the innocent stage when my parents would make all the decisions and all I had to do was get in the conversion van and watch the taped episodes of Sports Center my cousin had recorded on the vhs from 3 weeks prior or throw on a teal blue family band tour style T-shirt my uncle had made as we all hopped on a plane together on the way to some unknown far away locations where magical adventures and lifetime memories would occur that I still look back on today and can laugh for hours on end with my family and friends. Second phase is well to put bluntly the blurry phase where I would start drinking on the way to wherever we were going, drink some more when we got there, then drink some more while doing some other activities, then continue drinking until next thing I knew I was back at home, hello Jersey shore homies and college trip to Ireland. This phase was fun in the moment but proved quite difficult to remember the experiences. Third Phase was actually planning a trip and wanting to experience the people, the food, the culture oh and of the course the drinks. This phase is when I really found myself as a traveler and when I really immersed myself in the Anthony Bourdain style of travel, from Puerto Rico to Italy to Hungary I researched it all, I knew how the locals acted what they ate where they went and what they drank and I wanted to do the same, in abundance of course, while also meeting and talking to locals as best I could. This new 4th one is similar but with a kid and for me that means putting his happiness first so on this trip to Spain I adopted a mantra Tapas, Park, Tapas, Sight, Tapas(or Pintxos depending on where we were), Nap with a little help of from the local beverages 😉 and this mantra and my kid far and away exceeded my expectations.

Tapas Jamon Iberico at Cerverceria Catalana (Barcelona)
Sight- Sagrada Familia, Gaudi (Barcelona)
Park with QM outside the Palace(Madrid)
Pintxos Monkfish and Prawn Brochette at Ganbara (San Sebastian)
Tapas Pulpo a la Gallega at Cerveceria Cervantes (Madrid)

Cash has travel in his blood and as long as he gets to visit parks in these far away locations and some nights he can have chicken nuggets or pasta he enjoyed the hell out of it. It is important to remember when traveling with kids that they are like sharks and can sense fear, so it is very important that no matter the situation you find yourself in this foreign far-away land with this language you may not understand that you must try and KEEP YOUR COOL at all costs.


My Great Escape to Spain was magical, it was a trip of a lifetime (that hopefully I can have 40 more of). I planned this trip around San Sebastian because Anthony Bourdain called it the best food city in Europe. As you can most likely tell he has had a pretty big influence on my life for someone I never met and did not know, he reminds me of the Hemmingway of my generation, he gave me the permission to dream of a life of travel. I know it sounds weird, but I’m glad he had the impact he had on my life, because I am enjoying the ride and living my best life. So on that note I wish you, Happy Bourdain Day!

Throughout my travels I found Spain to be a family friendly, affordable, diverse country that really quenched my thirst for adventure. After not leaving the States for over two years, it was the perfect place to explore and experience life. I could truly live in Spain and with the Golden Visa it offers (or if Cash becomes the next Messi), who knows if we get lucky enough maybe one day we will. Over the next several weeks I will publish accounts of our family and friends extraordinary escapades throughout Spain’s spectacular areas of Barcelona, the Rioja Region, San Sebastian, and Madrid. I hope you enjoy them and are able to visit these extraordinary locations some day soon as well. Muchas Gracias! Hasta Entonces, -Tiz

San Sebastian Bay of Biscay

Valentine’s Day Bliss at The Beer Spa

Valentine’s Day for many women is a day they expect to be wooed off their feet by their husband. Who somehow that one day of the year they expect to turn into that white knight in shining armor, they read about growing up and unfortunately for many days out of the year are disappointed by. They feel like they were lied to about this supposed Romantic sexual being of the opposite sex.

Valentine’s Day for many men, is a day to be dreaded, “what can I do that will impress her and make her happy and not bankrupt me,” “is there a silver bullet gift,” “can we both have fun on a date somewhere?” I am here to tell you I have found that date and it is called The Beer Spa.

My wife loves spa’s, myself not so much, I feel uncomfortable in most of them, especially if I am forced to be in a locker room with a bunch of naked old men with saggy balls and no towels on. One thing I do like though is beer, I also like unique experiences and this is one of those experiences that you won’t find in many places. The owners styled this beer spa off ones they found in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary and it really is a great spot for a date night.

The spa experience is intimate with each room being separated by a garage door wall, that look like you could possibly open up if you wanted to have a large event and rent out a couple of the spas.

The Valentine’s day special included a complimentary beer and a bottle of sparkling wine. The spa was 20 minutes in a Sauna, a quick cold shower and then 50 minutes in a hot tub that had a bag of hops and CBD floating in it that helped relax your body a into a nice body buzz. After the hot tub, you were brought into a meditation room were you were transported into an outer space like experience with a full body chair massage and meditation music and a roof full of stars.

My wife and I had a wonderful time, we helped ourselves to some extra beers as well, my wife loved the special cucumber brew they had on tap and the Juicy IPA was delicious as well. This was definitely a wonderful Valentine’s day experience and I would recommend it to anybody for a date night throughout the year.

4 out of 5 sizzles

The PhilaRADO Special

At Little Arthurs Philly Phood Phest

Quick note before I start, the Tiz hopes to be back, I’ll be doing quick writeups like this for events and longer travel blogs as well as side projects like Cookin with Cash, as long as I can keep myself motivated, so here we go.

I’ve been in Rado for 2 years now and have been in search of the elusive best cheesesteak in Rado since I set foot on the ground in the land of the Rockies and I was hoping to find it here.

Luckily we got to the event at the perfect time, not too early and not too late because fresh cheesesteaks take sometime to make and I’m sure some of the people that were waiting there when we left, waited up to 3 hours to finally get their fix of that sweet sweet crack like craving of a REAL Philly Cheesesteak.

The hosts started us off with a great palate cleanser of hazelnut berry ice cream, oh yeaaaa! while we waited in line, I was a little sad we were not getting the can of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer that I thought we were because of shipping prices, this made up for it. As we waited in line and listened to the live band that provided some great entertainment, my mouth started watering as I saw others walking by with their Cheesesteaks, they looked delicious but I started to lower my expectations so I was not disappointed if the taste did not live up to the looks.

I finally got to the front of the line and as I waited there, I got a little greedy so I politely asked the staff if it was possible to get an end piece of the long roll, he said he would try his best and he succeeded. I went over towards the blown glass bongs for my long awaited first bite, would it be the one that stopped the elusive search was the only question on my mind. Absofuckinlutely was the astounding answer! I have found it and it’s not even close, not only did I find the best cheesesteak in Rado but a top 5 cheesesteak I have ever had and that says alot. The only two I can definitely place above it are John’s Roast Pork and Angelo’s, the rest I would have to do a taste test. The use of the Colorado beef meeting that ooey gooey Philly masterpiece called a Cheesesteak, on an amazing seeded hardroll, that is basically a unicorn in Rado, created a buttery tender melt in your mouth can’t wait to have it again experience that you only have at so many cheesesteak shops throughout your lifetime. The Colorado beef, fried onions, American cheese and sesame seed hardroll is a great coming together of cultures that I can’t wait to enjoy week 1 next year at the PhilaRADO II. Lets GO BIRDS!


The cannoli to finish the meal was the perfect ending to the event, so tasty.

4.6 out of 5 Sizzles

Boston: Success, Growth and Challenges

As we traversed through Boston from the airport to the hotel in our Lyft to celebrate one year of martial bliss and the birthday of America; the cleanliness, prosperity and construction boom occurring in this great American city was evident. Boston is where the American Dream started. The idea that “the will of the people” would decide public policy was put into action with the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. No Taxation without Representation, Huzzah!!!!

The first sense of maybe not everything was as perfect as it appeared, came when the Australian Lyft driver (he was not happy when I guessed South African) aka Marathon Man Trent Morrow, said  “You guys are lucky no one is working today it’s usually gridlock driving down here.”

Marathon Man dropped us off and we checked in, then ventured into Southie to grab breakfast. The Aloft hotel in the Seaport District had provided us with a pamphlet of surrounding spots and when I saw that Anthony Bourdain had visited The Galley Diner on his show No Reservations I knew where we were heading.

This place did not disappoint, it was a perfect spot for breakfast on Independence Day. We sat at the counter of this family run diner (is there anything more uniquely American than a diner) to our left were 4 police officers, to our right a Hispanic family from out of town, it was truly a wonderful display of Americana. The breakfast was not too shabby either, between the blueberry pancakes, kielbasa and Hash omelet, it was one of the best breakfasts I ever had. The perfect combination of savory and sweet.

Another establishment I visited in  Southie is Murphy’s Law. I chose it because it looked like it knew how to pour a good pint of Guinness. I went to open the door and sadly it was locked. Apparently, a lot of the local joints close on July 4th in Southie so workers can spend time with their families. Shit!

So I started to google other possible watering holes, when a lady with keys turned the corner to open the door, I asked, are you opening? She said no, but I am going to have a few drinks with my family if you want to drink with us. I was happy to oblige.  The lady is Peggy Ann she has been part owner for 23 years, she is with her cousin and her cousins husband Fitzy who is from Southwest Ireland. We start to talk about Ireland and how I was married a year ago in Kildare, we talk family, how my wife is at the hotel taking a nap because she is 8 months pregnant, how my Father-in- Law was the first to bring Guinness to South Dakota at his bar Durty Nelly’s. All while Peggy Ann pours us a perfect pint, as I expected.   We talk and laugh some more and then Peggy Ann mentions how much the neighborhood is changing and she doesn’t know how much longer a place like hers will be able to stay open.

The Seaport (Innovative) District is right across the bridge from Murphy’s Law, across the street is 56 acres that was bought for about $250 million 5 years ago that they speculate could go for a billion now. Peggy Ann tells a story about an acquaintance who came into the bar one day ecstatic, he says “I just sold that small old post-office building for $9 million,” then she laughs and says the jerk didn’t even offer to buy a round. Fitzy is about to go on the roof to see if he can fix a leak, then they are headed to a neighborhood hangout, they invite me, but I tell them I better get back to my wife.

Our visit to the North End with MacKenzie’s former co-worker shows similar growth and uneasiness. She gives us a tour of the Rose Kennedy Greenway – which our tour driver would later say to us “for those of you from out of town thank you for paying for our beautiful park space” that is because the Greenway is the result of the famously disastrous, but ultimately successful Big Dig transportation project. We go to dinner at Lucca which has delicious pasta. The neighborhood is packed with tourists. She explains to us how Boston loves their open space and that neighborhood groups, while fighting for affordability are also causing prices to rise by limiting development. The parks and public spaces in Boston are beautiful but she is right it’s a two way street you must have high density if you want affordability and that means some open space may have to be sacrificed. Later in the trip we hit up Regina Pizzeria in the North End as well, a must try imho.

Southie, the North End, Chinatown are great neighborhoods in this fantastic city, but no matter where I went you could tell their was a sense of uneasiness about how long neighborhoods like these would exist in Boston.

Boston is a spectacular example of success and growth, but a lot of old Boston is feeling left behind, pushed out and eventually re-developed as we saw throughout our trip. Especially the Seaport (Innovation) District right between Downtown and Southie, this part of Boston is growing at the rate of Barry Bonds head on juice and if Boston fails to implement the correct inclusive growth policies that lifts all boats, Southie will be steamrolled like the home run records Bonds brought tumbling down. In  my opinion like the steroid crazed baseball era, while it was fun at the time, in the end if neighborhoods like Southie fall, Boston will regret it in the future.

I’m all for growth I am not one of these socialist “stop all development” types, but unique neighborhoods like Southie are what make a city interesting and what draws me to visit them, otherwise why travel to a destination to get a bland homogenized version of the city you live in or near. Keeping your city unique will be a tough, but necessary challenge in the near future. The question is how to best do it.

Below are some more places we visited and pictures from our trip. Boston is a great time and I highly recommend a visit.

4th of July celebrations

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Common and Public Garden


Chinatown and Cambridge

January 1, 2019: It’s a New Year

Wipe the Records Clean

The Meal to Massacre your Bookie

Redemption Bowls

Start your New Year with a Bang

It’s been a long 2018, many of you have had great years and many of you not so great years. But I can assure you over the course of the last 16 days at some point you feel like you have contracted a case of what my cousin Mike calls Loseritis. I am here to tell you, I am here with a cure. Eat this meal tomorrow and not only will you bring in the New Year with a winning day but your year will be as fantastic as you could ever imagine.

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut and Black-eyed Peas

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut is known as a lucky meal in eastern Europe and the midwest of the United States. The pork in the kielbasa is the symbol of progress as unlike chickens pigs eat while moving forward, while the sauerkraut which is made of cabbage, which is green, symbolizes cash. Black-eyed peas which are actually part of the bean family originated over 5,000 years ago and have a long tradition in the African American community, they have also developed a tradition with Sephardic Jews as they misinterpreted one of the Rosh Hashana foods to mean Black-Eyed peas. Either way in the South Black-eyed peas are known to have a mystical and mythical power to bring good luck. With these two foods on the menu tomorrow morning how can we lose?!

New Years Day Bowl Predictions

Penn St -5.5

Kentucky has no offense but a good defense I expect a low scoring game with Penn St winning by double digits.

Mississippi St -7

If this was Iowa at home I would take them but I just don’t see them scoring enough points to stay in this game.

UCF +7

I love Coach O but UCF is on a mission to show they belong and even without their star quarterback I think they keep this game if not win, if your feeling xtra lucky maybe even sprinkle some on the ml.

Ohio St -6.5

Urban Meyer is known for his theatrics and fake illnesses so he will definitely want to go out on a high note

Georgia -11.5

This game could go either way, it depends if Georgia wants to show everyone they belonged in the playoffs or if they don’t care at all about this game because they feel its below them. I am betting on Georgia wanting to dominate.

That’s all folks. Now go get the ingredients, place your bets and collect. Thank me later and my Venmo is always open. #EATDRINKSPORTS #SizzlebyTizzle.

Army/Navy Game

The Greatest Rivalry In Sports

Land Vs Sea

Cadets vs Midshipmen

Mule vs Goat
Who is Going to Sing Second?

Army/Navy game was first played in 1890 and this Saturday will be the 119th meeting between the two schools. This game is as intense of a rivalry you will ever watch. It is not about money, it is not about rankings, it is not about prestige, it is about the love of the game and most importantly PRIDE in your school, service academy and country.

I had the honor to go to last years game. It was in the snow in Philly, it was cold, it was ugly and it was great. Navy lost on a last second missed field goal 14-13 but watching the two teams come together at the end of the game to sing their alma-maters with their fellow classmates and alumni is what this game is all about. This game signifies what America is all about, lay it all on the field, scratch and claw to win but after it’s over come back together and stand United as one.

Army/Navy Gameday Menu

Football in the winter to me means dark beer and comfort food. Wartime food means making the most of what you have available. That is why for the Army/Navy game I have created a stew recipe. This recipe includes food from the land and the sea from around the country that the first classmen will be sworn to protect in less than a years time. This is a stew concocted to represent what all of America has to offer just like what the players on Saturday will do on the field. It represents the Cadets with its use of  USDA Prime Beef the best beef America has to offer and corn which helped these Cadets grow. The Midshipmen are represented by crab from Maryland, home of the academy, Navy beans which so many Sailors relied on to survive throughout our Navy’s history and of course spinach the food of the most infamous Sailor (fictional character) no other than I am what I am, Popeye.

Tizzle’s Army/Navy Stew

  • olive oil
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 2 lbs beef cubed
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup white wine (riesling works best)
  • 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes
  • 28 oz navy beans
  • 28 oz corn (about 8 fresh cobs)
  • salt to taste
  • 6 cups spinach
  • 1 lb crab meat
  1. Rub cubed beef in Cayenne Pepper
  2. Saute garlic and onion in large pot till fragrant
  3. Add beef and brown
  4. Add water, wine and tomatoes and bring to a boil
  5. Lower heat to a simmer and add beans and corn
  6. Add salt to taste and simmer for 2 hours
  7. Add spinach and crab for about 10 minutes and serve

#GameoftheWeek Prediction

After going 1 and 1 on my picks last week the Tiz is currently at 4-2. The Naval academy will be coming into this game with a lot of emotion after recently losing two of their most esteemed members John McCain (alumnus of the academy) and George H.W. Bush. This is basically Navy’s bowl game as they have had a rough season. So not only do they want to win this game because it is the Army/Navy game but they have a lot of other reasons to win this game and snap the Army winning streak.  Army is ranked 22 in the nation and has had a great season. Their Quarterback is able to run and throw and will be quite the weapon in this game. Unfortunately for Navy I do not think they will have the skill to win this game but I do think with the right scheme and enough passion they will be able to keep it close. Navy will not break the streak this year but I do think they will cover. I look for a low scoring affair and Army to win 20-17. #GONAVY #BEATARMY #GOARMY #BEATNAVY #EATDRINKSPORTS #SIZZLEBYTIZZLE

#RIPPoppyBush and #RIPJohnMcCain

Red River Shootout Part Deaux

Bevo vs The Sooner Schooner

Hook’em vs Boomer Sooner

Ok. Cool. Hook’em vs Horns Down

The Battle over the Red Bridge Reincarnated
Texas vs Oklahoma 12:00 PM est ABC AT&T Stadium Arlington Texas

This game promises to be a high scorin affair, which according to Zach Smith Tom Herman knows a lot about, with a lot of offense and no defense. The first game this year saw Texas defeat Oklahoma for their only loss by the score of 48-45. Oklahoma’s defense acted as a matador to Bevo and the Texas offense as Texas won in a last second stomach churning field goal by Texas’s kicker Dicker but that all means nothing now. With an Oklahoma win and a Georgia loss Oklahoma fans no longer have to worry about that kick to the d**k they will be in the playoffs. And that is why it is the #GAMEOFTHEWEEK!!!

Ok. Cool. Hook’em. Enough with the jokes. This game comes down to one thing as all astute observers know, who will score more points. But while watching lets enjoy some Great Plains/Texas cooking.

Red River Shootout Menu

Oklahoma Pulled Pork

Texas Smoked Brisket

Southern Creamed Corn

Texas Slaw

There is no other meal that should be consumed during a Red River shootout than Barbecue. That is because the first mention of the word barbecue in the United States actually came from a law that forbid the shooting of firearms at a BBQ. Oh and because it’s God Da*n delicious. BBQ has many origins the word is believed to come from the Spanish word barbacoa, the method of smoking meats though comes from 19th century Germans and Czechs settlers. And depending on where you are the types of spices and sauces used come from a variety of backgrounds including Native Americans, Africa and Mexico. So let’s take this opportunity as Texans and Oklahomans to come together and enjoy some BBQ. If your a Texas fan wash it down with some Lone Star beer and if you are an Oklahoma fan enjoy for that the first time in a long time you can now actually purchase and drink full strength beer and wine and that you no longer have dry counties as of October 1, 2018.

Lets Make Some Money

At 3-1 on the year it’s time for the Tiz to continue raking in the profits and I expect to be 5-1 after this week. The Red River is the major boundary between Texas and Oklahoma that has caused many of skirmishes between the two states throughout the years most famously the Red River Bridge War in 1931 when Oklahoma Governor “Alfalfa Bill” Murray won the battle bloodlessly by appearing at the bridge personally with his revolver in hand and scared Texas to back down (not all fact but pretty close). This is what I expect his descendant (don’t quote me) Kyler Murray to do on Saturday as both Oklahoma fans and my buddy Over Andy will be dancing in the Great Plains and Chanting Boomer Sooner on the way to a 55-31 victory. (Sorry to my mother-in-law who is an alma-mater of Texas but i know you don’t care about sports anyway so cheers to you) #EATDRINKSPORTS #SIZZLEBYTIZZLE

Battle for Missouri circa 2016

Battle for Mexico circa 3 days ago

Since neither of these work any longer lets stick with a classic:

Are you ready for some football! A Monday night Party!

We got Joe and Jason and Booger? Meh at least it should be a great football game.

Chiefs vrs Rams

After a week hiatus because of horrible games, the Tiz is back with the Game of the Week. A couple of years ago this game would have been a battle of bbq’s in Missouri and a finger licking good time. But since the Rams picked up and left lonely St. Louis footballess again, my plan was to make it a Mexican Monday since the game was being played in Mexico City.

Unfortunately it looks like Trump’s caravan have appeared running around on the field for the last week in the pouring rain in hopes to score points with Trump in his feud with the NFL. Thus, the game has  been moved to LA. The current home of the deadliest wildfire in California history. Almost seems like Mother Nature does not want this game played.  Well it is being played and that is why it’s the GAME OF THE WEEK!

Two of the best football teams in the NFL will meet Monday night and the two feature match-ups are Small Hands Goff and Squeaky Voice MaHomes and two of the NFL’s public enemies Tyreke Hill and Todd Gurley (Gurley a little less severe, all he did was side with the books and against the common people a couple weekends ago no strangulation). Since I am big fan of the quote “do not let the facts get in the way of a good story” I decided to stick with Mexican Monday for this menu. And since the field looks like a big mud pit I picked a tasty earthy meal, that will warm your insides Monday night.

Mexican Monday Night Football Menu

Pollo en Mole Negro (Chicken in Black Mole)  with Arroz A La Mexicana (Mexican Style Red Rice)

There are a number of varieties of moles and stories of how it was created and origins of the name. You could have red, yellow, green moles, it was either created by nuns or monks, could mean mix or sauce but for this game to match the field I am going with the classic Mole Negro. This dish has been called the National dish of Mexico and is one of the first dishes created in the Americas that is truly inter-continental with ingredients from North America, Europe and Africa. It is a tasty treat and with the traditional red rice dish will keep you wanting for more. To wash this down buy some of your favorite Jarritos soda and a bottle of Mezcal to match the smoky LA scene and enjoy the game.


The Rams practiced in high altitude all week to get ready for the Mexico City game, since the game was moved to LA they no longer have to worry about the altitude. But both teams will have to worry about air quality and since LA has increased its lung capacity this week and because professional athletes usually show up and perform after disasters like the wildfire I am picking the Rams to win in a high scoring affair 48-35. Currently 2-1 in my predictions this is to stay above 500 for the year. #TheStandardistheStandard #EATDRINKSPORTS #SIZZLEBYTIZZLE

Down on the Bayou: Can the Bayou Bengals survive the Rolling Tide?

Geaux Tigers!! vs Roll Tide!!

Mike the Tiger vs Big Al

Red Stick  vs Red Mud

Cajun Country vs the Heart of Dixie

Ed Orgeron vs Nick Saban
The Battle for the South

The South, where only food, family and church reign supreme over college football and hunting. To outsiders, the South is a mystery but to stereotype the South as one entity is a crime to humanity and culture altogether. While the South has had it problems like every other place on earth, the diverse cultures throughout the region make the South a beautiful bastion of the American melting pot.

This game and tailgate is going to be amazing and I wish I had the funds to be there but since I do not below are some recipes (for this version of my blog I am just going to hyperlink to my favorite recipes to use) for you to cook up and get ready for this battle for the SEC West. Thank you to my friend Kat for help on these menus, she grew up in Louisiana and attended Alabama, so as she says in her southern cheesy charm “I grew up purple and gold, but now I bleed Crimson”  you may say she is an expert on this gameBecause the South is already a fusion of tastes from France, Spain, Africa, Creole, etc. already, there will be no third menu this time. Anyway this is not the time to have no dog in the fight so pick a side and be ready to either chant “Hey LSU, Hey LSU, Hey LSU, We just beat the Hell out of you! Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, give’em hell, Alabama! or “OhhhOhhhOhhhOhhh, Suck that Tiger Dick Bitch!.”

LSU Menu 

Boudin Balls and Jambayla. Start with Boudin Balls, the cajun version of Arancini, something fried tasty and poppable. With the main dish being a Jambayala. Jambalaya is the perfect example of the diverse tastes of Louisianan cooking with its French and Spanish origin, there is no “right” way to make Jambalaya, its the cajun version of bolognese or goulash. As long as you start with the Holy Trinity of cajun cooking consisting of onion, celery, and green pepper it should work out. Since I will be pheasant hunting in South Dakota this weekend I hope to insert some pheasant and buffalo in my recipe.  Cook these up and wash them down with some Louisiana Abita beer. To pre-game mix up a batch of this spiked blueberry-lemonade.

Alabama Menu

Grilled BBQ Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce and a side of Collard Greens.  The Alabama White Sauce which is now almost as synonymous with Alabama as the old ball coach Bear Bryant, was created by Big Bob Gibson who was 6’4, 300 lbs. Designed in his back yard before he thought of even opening a restaurant, most think the sauce was created to keep the chickens moist as he cooked them in his backyard pit for 3 hours at a time. Collard Greens originated in the eastern mediterranean and were brought to Jamestown, Virginia through African slaves in the 1600’s are a tasty way to make sure everybody has their share of vegetables for the day. If you can find Revelry Brewing Company’s Gullah Cream Ale pick that up, if not any tasty cream ale should pair well with the Alabama White Sauce. To pregame trying cooking up a batch of this Yellowhammer Slammer cocktail.


This  is a game featuring a college football coach that some say may be the greatest college football coach of all-time vs a college football coach who you are dying to have a beer with. The Tide come in huge favorites at -14 but the Tiz is looking at the upset. I predict a 38-31 win for the Tigers but just like last year do not count at the Tide from the National Championship picture after this game. Geeeeaaaauuuuuuxxxxxxx Tigers!!!