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Dim Sum, Drinks and Cigars 

Waking up Sunday morning after a long day of drinking the day before I felt the need for food and some Hair of the Dog. If you have never had Dim Sum I suggest you try it hungover because it is an instant cure. I decided to check out the new offshoot of the New York classic Dim Sum location Nom Wah Tea Parlor.

Nom Wah is not a cart dim sum location as some are, rather their food is cooked to order. As soon as I sat down I ordered their $3 Yuengling special.  Then after looking at the menu I decided to start with the Shanghainese Soup dumplings. These dumplings were instant flavor, as soon as you bit into the dumpling the pork flavored broth coated your taste buds with deliciousness. Eating soup dumplings as an adult is the equivalent of eating gushers as a child, the best part is the surprising amount of flavor that comes out of that first bite. The soup dumpling is a such a simple yet flavorful dish, it’s a perfect morning treat.

Up next I decided to go with the fried dim sum sampler, which is a glorious fried platter of usual Chinese suspects. The fried bacon shrimp roll with a fresh shrimp taste at the beginning and a tasty bacon aftertaste, the fried pork dumpling, the spring roll with a delicious celery flavor, the original egg roll with a huge mushroom flavor, the fried shrimp roll in bean curd skin, the fried tofu (not my favorite) and to finish the sweet Sesame ball filled with lotus paste. This is a plate of decandent flavor, but I suggest you don’t eat it all by yourself because it may put you straight into cardiac arrest.

My final plate and if you go by yourself three is the max, I ordered my go to dish when I get dim sum, salt and pepper fried shrimp. Salt and pepper fried shrimp is not your normal shrimp, I throw each one of these delicious sea creatures fried in batter  in my mouth like popcorn, tail and all. Nom Wah is really  a great experience. Other great dishes I have had here in the past include the steamed spare ribs, house special dumpling soup and Chinese greens with oyster sauce. If you are looking for a fun non-traditional brunch to hang out with friends, Nom Wah Tea Parlor is a great choice.

After dim sum, I decided to meet up with my buddy at Cappelli Brothers Cigar Company. This is a great spot to hang out with friends, it’s Byob with a minimal corkage fee for anything you bring. My two favorite signature drinks they make which cost you $5 if you supply your own alcohol are the Mohawk which is Bourbon with homemade tobacco infused simple syrup, grenadine and basil and the Torpedo which is vodka with jalapenos, mint leaves, limes, simple syrup and club soda. They also have a great selection of cigars, vapes and flavored tobacco for their hookah collection.  We sat there and drank some mimosas,  signature mixed drinks and wine while watching the NBA playoffs and Phillies on the TV’s. If you like cigars drinks and a good time, this a great spot to hang out on a beautiful day.

After a few hours at Cappelli’s I decided to meet up with another friend at Franky Bradley’s. This new lounge/bar is a really cool atmosphere and I will be hitting it up again soon for food as well as more drinks. To end the day though I ordered some shiner bocks. After I had my final nip of shiner to end the night, it was time for me to head home.

This day was a 4.5 Tizzle experience.

Live Life and Remember don’t ever let your Monday ruin your Sunday!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!!!


Nom Wah Tea Parlor – 218 N 13th Street

Cappelli Brother’s Cigar Company – 211 S.13th Street

Franky Bradley’s – 1320 Chancellor Street

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