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Valentine’s Day Bliss at The Beer Spa

Valentine’s Day for many women is a day they expect to be wooed off their feet by their husband. Who somehow that one day of the year they expect to turn into that white knight in shining armor, they read about growing up and unfortunately for many days out of the year are disappointed by. They feel like they were lied to about this supposed Romantic sexual being of the opposite sex.

Valentine’s Day for many men, is a day to be dreaded, “what can I do that will impress her and make her happy and not bankrupt me,” “is there a silver bullet gift,” “can we both have fun on a date somewhere?” I am here to tell you I have found that date and it is called The Beer Spa.

My wife loves spa’s, myself not so much, I feel uncomfortable in most of them, especially if I am forced to be in a locker room with a bunch of naked old men with saggy balls and no towels on. One thing I do like though is beer, I also like unique experiences and this is one of those experiences that you won’t find in many places. The owners styled this beer spa off ones they found in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary and it really is a great spot for a date night.

The spa experience is intimate with each room being separated by a garage door wall, that look like you could possibly open up if you wanted to have a large event and rent out a couple of the spas.

The Valentine’s day special included a complimentary beer and a bottle of sparkling wine. The spa was 20 minutes in a Sauna, a quick cold shower and then 50 minutes in a hot tub that had a bag of hops and CBD floating in it that helped relax your body a into a nice body buzz. After the hot tub, you were brought into a meditation room were you were transported into an outer space like experience with a full body chair massage and meditation music and a roof full of stars.

My wife and I had a wonderful time, we helped ourselves to some extra beers as well, my wife loved the special cucumber brew they had on tap and the Juicy IPA was delicious as well. This was definitely a wonderful Valentine’s day experience and I would recommend it to anybody for a date night throughout the year.

4 out of 5 sizzles

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