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The PhilaRADO Special

At Little Arthurs Philly Phood Phest

Quick note before I start, the Tiz hopes to be back, I’ll be doing quick writeups like this for events and longer travel blogs as well as side projects like Cookin with Cash, as long as I can keep myself motivated, so here we go.

I’ve been in Rado for 2 years now and have been in search of the elusive best cheesesteak in Rado since I set foot on the ground in the land of the Rockies and I was hoping to find it here.

Luckily we got to the event at the perfect time, not too early and not too late because fresh cheesesteaks take sometime to make and I’m sure some of the people that were waiting there when we left, waited up to 3 hours to finally get their fix of that sweet sweet crack like craving of a REAL Philly Cheesesteak.

The hosts started us off with a great palate cleanser of hazelnut berry ice cream, oh yeaaaa! while we waited in line, I was a little sad we were not getting the can of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer that I thought we were because of shipping prices, this made up for it. As we waited in line and listened to the live band that provided some great entertainment, my mouth started watering as I saw others walking by with their Cheesesteaks, they looked delicious but I started to lower my expectations so I was not disappointed if the taste did not live up to the looks.

I finally got to the front of the line and as I waited there, I got a little greedy so I politely asked the staff if it was possible to get an end piece of the long roll, he said he would try his best and he succeeded. I went over towards the blown glass bongs for my long awaited first bite, would it be the one that stopped the elusive search was the only question on my mind. Absofuckinlutely was the astounding answer! I have found it and it’s not even close, not only did I find the best cheesesteak in Rado but a top 5 cheesesteak I have ever had and that says alot. The only two I can definitely place above it are John’s Roast Pork and Angelo’s, the rest I would have to do a taste test. The use of the Colorado beef meeting that ooey gooey Philly masterpiece called a Cheesesteak, on an amazing seeded hardroll, that is basically a unicorn in Rado, created a buttery tender melt in your mouth can’t wait to have it again experience that you only have at so many cheesesteak shops throughout your lifetime. The Colorado beef, fried onions, American cheese and sesame seed hardroll is a great coming together of cultures that I can’t wait to enjoy week 1 next year at the PhilaRADO II. Lets GO BIRDS!


The cannoli to finish the meal was the perfect ending to the event, so tasty.

4.6 out of 5 Sizzles

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