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Lo Spiedo

Sports fans looking for a place to eat, drink or watch a game before any event down at the south philly complex this is your place. The Xfinity Center is fun if you are just looking to drink and watch games and don’t mind big loud crowds, but if you would like to try some truly magnificent food and be able to have a conversation with the people you are with, this is the destination for you.

Before we headed down to Lo Spiedo, we checked out Founding Fathers, which is a new local sports bar for me. While the TV’s could be better situated in this bar, it is a fun place to come and grab a bite, watch some games and drink some beers. I had a couple of the Ballast Point Pale Ale’s and a cup of the menudo soup that was on special. The beer was crisp and the menudo really surprised me, it was delicious and had a great kick at the end.

 founding fathers 

At this point we decided to order up an uberx and head down to Lo Spiedo. I love the outside and inside decor of Lo Spiedo. It was a former gatehouse for the Navy Yard and the brick building really reminds you what the area was utilized for in the past.  


By the time we got there we had about an hour and a half before puck drop, we drank a few beers before ordering. I had the Victory Arso, which is the special beer Victory makes just for Vetri family restaurants. After a few, it was time to order, we got an order of the wings, creamed kale, Italian baked beans, the brisket, and the pork shoulder. Before the food came out I decided to switch over to some Bulleit Bourbon, because nothing goes better than some bourbon and BBQ. 

The grilled chicken wings are a great dish. As a person who loves hot wings, I can easily say these are some of the best alternative recipes for wings I have ever tasted. They are seasoned with an assortment of Italian spices, so do not expect this to be your normal wing but the best flavor you will taste from these wings is the natural smoke taste you get from the oak fired grill.

The creamed kale and Italian baked beans were both solid sides but the winner was the polenta cornbread with meat drippings. The corn bread was sweet and not dry at all and when you  were able to fight off some of the other forks in the skillet to dip that corn bread in the salty meat drippings it was straight up addictive.

The brisket was a little disappointing, it had a nice char to it, but the inside was a little on the dry side for my liking. If I have one regret I would have ordered the spit-roasted octopus instead of the brisket, but there is always next time. The pork shoulder on the other hand was delectable, the mix of fat and meat was the perfect ratio. This is a dish that makes your mouthwater for more. 

After we were done we headed to the game to see the Flyers beat the Rangers 4-2 and drink some some 24 oz Miller Lights. 

Lo Spiedo is a great place for a causal meal before any game you plan on attending, you can sit at the bar or at a table upstairs.

If you like BBQ Lo Spiedo is a 4 Tizzle experience.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!

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