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Palladino’s (East Passyunk Restaurant Week)

I am not usually a fan of restaurant weeks, because unless you are a big dessert fan the deals you get are not normally that terrific. If I do go to a restaurant week though, I usually try to go to a steakhouse, these are where you normally fine the best deals. That is why I decided on Palladino’s. The outside decor of this happening new restaurant on one of the best foodie streets in the world makes you feel like you have been transported to the 1970’s and are about to have dinner with Old Blue Eyes and Dino.



Once inside I decided to sit at the bar, they have three TV’s, two of which are hooked up to a continuous play of Italian countryside locations (during the middle of winter in Philly, this really makes you dream of a vacation). I ordered a Peroni to start the night off, if you are in the mood for a light refreshing beer, this should be your choice. After a few of these and some perusing of the menu I had made my choices. For the appetizer I ordered the Caciocavallo Scaloppine, the entree I went with the $20 upgrade for the 16 ounce bone in KC strip steak and for dessert I ordered Luke’s Cannoli. 

The Caciocavallo Scaloppine was a perfect way to start the meal. As soon as I took my first bite, I started to hear the Godfather’s wedding song, Luna Mezz ‘O Mare ,in my head and my mouth was where the wedding party was happening. The sharp Sicilian cow’s milk cheese mixes perfectly with the toasted garlic, mint and the licorice flavor that comes from the Sambuca (yes I know it’s anise) at the end. This was hands down my favorite dish of the night, I have also had the truffled grissini here in the past and I would recommend that as well, these are both must haves if you visit Palladino’s.


After the Caciocavallo Scaloppine, I decided it was time to switch to my beloved red wine, I decided on the Cabernet that Palladino’s was offering that night. Their wine list is quite good, even if it is a little expensive. Next out came the KC strip steak, it was cooked exactly how I asked, medium rare and was perfectly seasoned with Luke Palladino’s secret salt blend that really sets off a burst of flavor in your mouth when you sink your teeth into the mouthwatering steak.


Before the cannoli came out I ordered an espresso, which I find to be a great drink to pair with any Italian desserts. The Cannoli was solid, but nothing special as far as South Philly cannoli’s go. 

I am not going to lie, I kind of rushed the dessert because I was so excited to get to the after dinner drinks. I started off with a couple glasses of the grappa. While many people’s tastes buds think grappa tastes like gasoline, mine enjoy the semi-sweet taste, as well as the after burn you feel as it goes down your throat on a cold winter night. Finally, it was time to get my final nip of the night, before I ordered an uberx and headed home, so I ordered up a Limoncello. Limoncello is a great digestiv that starts with a jolt of citrus flavor and ends with that warming fire feeling in your gullet. 

Palladino’s restaurant week is a 3.5 Tizzle experience and I would imagine it would be even better during a normal dining experience. 

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!!!

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