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Lloyd’s Whiskey Bar

A fantastic Gem in an up and coming neighborhood. After taking advantage of a free lyft drive out to fishtown from Center City I finally had the chance to try this gastropub. I met up with a buddy here to watch a couple of college hoops game and it was a great atmosphere to relax, talk and watch the games. The whiskey selection is great here, I got the special to start the Rob Roy for $6 and he drank the 4 roses small batch bourbon. I realized very quickly the Rob Roy wasn’t my thing. To start off we ordered the roasted nuts which were straight up addictive, they tasted like a chicken right out of the oven, I believe they used thyme and rosemary spices. I then ordered their flight of rye whiskey’s, if you like trying different types of whiskeys and bourbons, this is your place, my flight was terrific, each whiskey got better as it went from 2 to 5 to 10 yr. Next app up was the crispy fried duck skins, General Tao’s style, if you like pork skins you’ll love this, first you get the crunch then the burst of flavor of that took me back to my childhood Chinese restaurant memories. As my buddy kept on drinking the 4 roses I decided to switch up to beer, I ordered the yards rye beer which always goes well with pub food in my opinion. For dinner my buddy ordered the goat cheese gnocchi with wild mushrooms, black kale, kohlrabi and mushroom sauce which was solid, but who orders pasta at a pub, and I went with oxtail cheesesteak that comes with cheddar cheese, pickled shallot&jalapeno, this was amazing all the way around oxtail was braised perfectly, every bite was succulent the pieces of fat blended in smoothly with meat and to top it off the roll they used was perfect, a nice hard roll but not so hard you hurt the top of your mouth eating it. If you get this, I suggest you scoop up any of the oxtail that fell out of the sandwich with the potato chips that accompany it. To finish the night as always I needed a nip so I ordered a bullit rye neat. All in all this place is spectacular, if it was in my hood I’d be there every night.

If you like whiskey and good grub this is your place. This is a 4 Tizzle Destination.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

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