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Opening Day

The day that hope springs eternal. The day when I wake up giddy like a school kid. Baseball’s opening day to me is everything that is great about life, for this one day you look at everything with a glass half full perspective. It is also a day that I have turned into an event. It is my favorite day of the year.

The Phillies game was scheduled to start at 3:05, so I awoke at 8 took a shower and headed down to the Italian Market for some coffee, pastries and quiet time. I went to Anthony’s Italian Coffee House and ordered up a triple espresso and a fresh sfogliatelle . The espresso is some of the best you will find in the city, and the sfogliatelle’s sweet citrus ricotta filling wrapped in flaky pastry hits the spot to start the morning on a beautiful day. Not to mention sitting outside in the Italian Market will make you rethink the whole idea of technology and fond for a time when life was simpler.




After relaxing in the market for a while, I ordered an uber and decided to venture over to John’s Roast Pork. The roasted pork here is delicious but I decided to go with the Cheeseteak. The sesame crusted hard Italian roll brings this sandwich together like a bow on a Christmas present, the sharp prov with the tender steak and sweet onions make you feel like your 3 years old again and Santa just came and delivered every gift on your Christmas list.



From John’s Roast Pork I headed to xfinity live and set up shop at PBR Bar and Grill. Here I did what you do at a bar before a Phillies game, I drank, I drank beer, whiskey and mixed drinks. The atmosphere at PBR is fantastic if you like sun and music, but I would advise against bringing your young daughters here. After PBR, we headed into the stadium, our seats were horrible, the Phillies were terrible but it was fun. I had some more drinks in the game and was going to get the schmitter but the line was too long for my taste.




After the 5th inning we went back out to PBR because the Phils were so depressing. I had a few more there and then headed home, before I got home I stopped at Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Chinese Noodle House and ordered up some of my favorite noodles, the brisket noodle soup and the shaved noodles with pork soy sauce, these are both fabulous drunk foods if you are ever in the Chinatown neighborhood looking for a spot to munch.

After an exciting day full of its ups and downs I finally returned home to watch the NCAA championship game.

This day was a 5 Tizzle experience, it would have been a 10 if the Phillies gave me any hope. Unfortunately it looks like it will be another long summer for the Phils, but at least I will always have next years opening day to look forward too.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!!

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