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Villa di Roma

Growing up in a large Italian-American family makes me really appreciate this restaurant. It is a family business and has been for years. Villa di Roma also makes me yearn for the times spent with my family of about 30 in a townhome getting together to eat Sunday dinner. Villa di Roma has a great mix of homemade Italian-American cooking and cozy upbeat atmosphere. I truly felt welcomed by the staff like I was coming into their home to eat. The decor reminds me of all of the Italian restaurants I remember going to as a kid in the 80’s and kind of makes you feel like Tony Soprano is having dinner at the table next to you.

I ordered up a glass of house red, you know when you are in an old school traditional restuarant, be it Italian, Portugese, Spanish, etc., when the house red gets poured out of a gallon jug. Some people look down upon this type of wine but I absolutely do not, it tastes great and is perfect for a large meal when you know you will be drinking a lot.

My problem when I come to a place like Villa di Roma is I always want to order everything, but I finally decided on the Veal Parmigiana with eggplant and my friend ordered the Lasangna. I have also had their meatballs before and they are one the closest tastes to my Mom’s meatballs I ever had in a restaurant, truly delicious, their sauce is also fantastic as you might expect. The Veal Parmigina with eggplant goes together perfectly. The crunch of the breaded veal is followed by a nice juicyiness from the eggplant. Villa di Roma has a very good sweet gravy that really gives this dish a great flavor. I ate the whole dish and felt like I needed to unbuckle my belt. The lasagna was also tasty, but I am a bigger fan of non-traditional style lasanga that adds some spice, for instance I usually make mine with hot italian sausage. 

Villa di Roma is a great place to go if you are looking for a Sunday night family dinner spot. After this comfort meal and a few more glasses of red I decided it was almost about time to head home, I ordered a nip of Sambuca to end the night and took off.

This is a 4 Tizzle experience, if you are looking to visit this great place in the historic Italian Market, the address is 936 South 9th Street.

Eat, Drink and be Merry!!!!

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