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Pub and Kitchen

This establishment is a reliable thoroughbred in the Center City area. You know you are at the right place when you see the famous “pabbit” it’s legendary question of existence is up there with the likes of mermaids and sasquatches, I wonder what the pabbit call would sound like, oh well back to the point of this thing. I recommend this place to anyone who is coming into town for one night and wants to have good food in a classy but causal atmosphere. The neighborhood bar is always filled with millennials looking to have a good time. I met up with a few of my friends here to drink and eat. I started the night here with my go to beer when I’m at P and K (as the regulars call it) Old Speckled Hen English Ale, it’s a light refreshing ale that I could most likely finish a case of in a sitting. We drank at the bar for about an hour before we asked to be seated. As soon as we sat, we decided to split some appetizers and one entree as an appetizer. The appetizers were the best part of the meal hands down. We ordered a dozen of the oysters, the only way I like oysters is if they are perfectly fresh and clean and these were, you could suck them right down your gullet without worrying about choking on some grit. Next up came the Crab Cubano, this was a spectacular riff on a Cuban, you tasted the salty shaved pork belly and garlic mojo as soon as you bit into the sandwich and after a few chews you would start to get the fresh crab taste coming through. Finally out came the steak tartare with habanero aioli, this is a must have when you visit P and K the steak is chopped and seasoned exquisitely every time, while the habanero aioli gives it a subtle punch but not enough to overwhelm the taste of the steak and served with a side of some fantastic toasted baguettes that when all combined give the dish a delicious consistency of crunch and taste. After the appetizers I switched over to some Tempranillo, which is a nice spicy full bodied red wine. For entrees I ordered the special maple glazed pork chop with an egg on top, this was a little bland for my taste and the potatoes that came along with it were a little undercooked but still a solid meal. The other members at my table got the Cape Cod mussels, Pressed Lamb sandwich and the Waygu Bavette steak. The mussels come with a tasty bacon and sherry cream broth, yes everything is better with bacon, and are the perfect seafood comfort food for a cold winter night. The Pressed Lamb sandwich was a masterpiece of succulent lamb pressed between a freshly baked roll, but the best entree of the night was the Waygu Bavette Steak, the medium rare steak melted in your mouth and even though the potatoes were undercooked a little for this dish as well, the steak still wins out. After dinner and a long day at work I decided it was time for my nip so I ordered an old fashioned, it was prepared exactly how I like it and it did its job by warming me up before I had to bare the outside weather again. Like I said in the beginning if you are looking for a place to take an outta town friend this is your place, but if you live in the area it also works as your neighborhood bar as the service is excellent and the staff is extremely friendly.

If you like to have a good time in a classy causal atmosphere with good food and a great drink list this is your place. This is a 4 Tizzle destination.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!


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