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Cheu Noodle Bar

Cheu has created an exciting concept with this joint, I would call it hipster/Asian fusion. This is a great place to come for a quick bite, it does get extremely crowded though so make sure you try to go at off-peak times unless you don’t mind waiting. I decided to make the trip to Cheu during the afternoon because I had a sore throat and to me this is the perfect sick day destination.

I drank the spicy bourbon cocktail the whole time I was at Cheu, I did this because I was sick, it does has a great selection of beers as well. The Spicy Bourbon is a mixture of 4 roses bourbon, ginger, green tea, cayenne, mint and lemon, this is basically the recipe that you would get if you asked your Italian, Asian, Irish grandmother from the south for a homemade remedy to cure a sore throat, not to mention it tastes delicious. To start the meal I ordered the BBQ pig tails, these are the perfect bar food, if you like wings and/or ribs you will love these. The BBQ sauce starts off with a sweet tang and ends with a nice spicy kick, the pig tails “chicken wing” texture allows you to enjoy the sauce thoroughly. The cauliflower kimchi that came with this dish was a nice ying to the yang of the spicy BBQ sauce.


Next up I ordered the ginger beef dumplings in chili oil, these were solid, I really enjoyed the ginger taste, but there was not much of a beef flavor and I kind of regretted not ordering one of the buns available on the menu.


Finally it came time to order a noodle dish. I have had the Short Rib Mazeman with tomatillo, green chili and soft egg before, this is a very good noodle dish, but I was more in the mood for a broth dish, I have also had the Brisket with matzo ball, kimchi and sesame chili broth, this is my favorite dish at Cheu, but I wanted to try something new so I decided to order the Miso Ramen, which comes with pork shoulder, egg, sea beans and black garlic. I like my ramen spicy so I added a lot of the chili oil to the dish but to each his own. The pork was a little bland and chewy for my taste but the broth was amazing, the combination of the miso ramen broth with the black garlic and the added chili oil was a blast of flavor in my mouth. It started out with a tasty salty garlicky flavor and ended with a spicy aftertaste. The best part of the broth was the texture though, when you mixed in the egg the broth ended up having a texture of a tomato basil soup. The broth went down my throat like a coating of deliciousness.


After finishing my last nip of the Spicy Bourbon it was time to head home in the 2 degree weather, so I order a Lyft, paid my bill and headed home.

This is a 3.5 out of 5 Tizzle Destination and I highly recommend it for days that you feel sick.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!

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