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Scratch Biscuits

Scratch Biscuits is not the place you go to impress a date about the great brunch options in Philadelphia. I am not writing this to diminish the restaurant because the food is really good, I just want to inform you that the service and interior is basically like a Chipolte, so if you are looking for a quick bite to eat on a weekday or even a weekend looking to get over a hangover and complete the schedule you have planned for the rest of the day this is a good place to go.

I ordered a large coffee, which they get from Rival Brothers and I got the build your own biscuit option which I built with eggs, homemade scrapple, garlicky kale and pimento cheese. I also wanted to get the decimated yam fries that are smothered in pimento cheese, crispy bacon and chow chow but unfortunately their fryer was down. The coffee was good but limited in choices and you have to serve it yourself.  The biscuit was delicious, flaky and buttery tasting, unfortunately it is almost impossible to eat it like a sandwich because of the flakiness of the biscuit, so I ended up just mashing all the ingredients together. The Homemade scrapple was surprisingly really good, tasted exactly like Philly scrapple which I was not expecting from a place that reminded me of the South. The garlicky kale was tasty as well while the pimento cheese was delicious but I just wish it was a little warmer and spicier. While the ingrients were all really tasty it was unfortunate you really could not eat it as a sandwich. 
Scratch Biscuits was a 2 Tizzle experience, I would go back for a quick bite to eat or for a hangover cure but I would not put it on my regular stops list. 

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!

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